The Process


We will start by talking via email about your specific needs. Based on your budget, we will then begin talking about size, color palette and timeline. I will encourage you to send me pictures of any of my previous work that resonates with you. You can also send pictures of objects, decor and details in your space that will help me in creating the perfect piece for you.

I will send you an estimate including cost breakdown and timeline. The timeline will depend on the size of the painting, but typically you can expect your painting to be completed within 8-10 weeks. Please note that I charge 25% more for custom work.

50% of the total cost will be due upfront. After this payment is received, I will begin working on your painting. When the artwork is complete, I will contact you and the remaining balance (plus the cost of shipping) will be due. Your painting will then be shipped.

Pricing for a few standard sizes:

24x36" - $1125
30x30" - $1350
30x40" - $1500
36x36" - $1625
36x48" - $2125
40x60" - $2750
48x60" - $3000
48x72" - $3600

*These prices are in USD and do not include tax or shipping costs.

Please note, I do not accept commissions smaller than 24x36".