About Jamie



Jamie is an abstract artist based in Rockaway Beach, New York. After graduating from college with a double major in Psychology and Visual Arts, she pursued a masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis. Jamie enjoyed a 14 year career as a Behavior Analyst working with children and adults on the autism spectrum before making the decision to focus on art full time. She is incredibly grateful that she has had the opportunity to learn from her students and impact their lives in a meaningful way. 

Artist Statement

I create abstract paintings that are based in rich color and texture combinations. My work is largely inspired by nature. I'm drawn to the noticeably beautiful aspects of the natural world, but what really interests me are the intricacies. When I'm out in nature, I'm always subconsciously scanning the environment for inspiration. I notice things like the detailed markings on shells, texture of weathered walls and pottery, or interesting cracks in the sidewalk. I find joy in finding beauty in the unexpected and love to incorporate textural elements into my work whenever possible. To me, texture adds an element of depth to art that color alone cannot express.

For as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to the ocean. I'm endlessly inspired, not only by the beauty of it, but by the power and mysteriousness of its depths. Living on the coast has offered me a unique opportunity to immerse myself in the very environment that inspires me most. I can often be found surfing, taking long beach walks, picking up shells, and taking photos of the beautiful, gritty place I call home.

Ultimately, the act of creating is a meditative experience for me. The process itself brings me so much peace and is one of the only things that quiets my mind and offers me an opportunity to go inward. It is my sincerest goal to convey that calming tranquility through my paintings to the viewer. If viewing my work causes someone to reflect, daydream, pause or come back to the present moment, then it has served its purpose.

Past Shows:

  • "The Gift of Art" Collective Exhibition: Greene Art Gallery, Guilford CT, 2015
  • "Little Wonders" Exhibit: LITM, Jersey City, NJ, 2016
  • "Chinese New Year Celebration", Featured Artist, ZenSpace, Hoboken NJ, 2016
  • "High Impact" Exhibit: LITM, Jersey City, NJ 2016
  • "Structure/Deconstructed" Duo Exhibition: Greene Art Gallery, Guilford, CT, 2016
  • "Through the Eyes of an Artist" Collective Exhibition, Panepinto Galleries, 70 Hudson Street, Jersey City, NJ: November 2017-May 2018