Jamie's work is about connection. Each painting serves as a visual reminder to stop, breathe and be fully present. Intuition, thoughts, feelings, memories and inspiration gathered from nature all merge together to inform the direction of her work. Through the use of muted color palettes and contrasting textural elements, her paintings bring a sense of calming tranquility to the spaces they occupy.

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authenticity. beauty. tranquility

The art we surround ourselves with should quietly enhance our lives by adding authenticity, beauty and a sense of peace to our spaces. Your home is your sanctuary. A place where you can retreat from the fast pace of day to day life. Jamie's work encourages you to slow down, unwind and take in the present moment.

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Client Testimonials

I own a few of Jamie’s pieces now, but just had her make me a custom triptych that I’ve been dreaming about. Jamie and I walked through my vision on FaceTime, since I’m in Canada, and then did a tour of the surrounding space and colour palette of the room. Subsequently, she asked me to follow up with close-up photos of the colours and textures that I wanted to coordinate. Jamie kept me in the loop along the way, but ultimately I wanted a surprise. When my perfectly wrapped package arrived, I have to admit that I was stunned by her beautiful work! The depth and dimension to these pieces is absolutely phenomenal, and the finishing is just spectacular. Working with Jamie on a vision is always an enjoyable and collaborative experience, and I’m already looking forward to my next new piece to continue my collection.


Jamie is a pleasure to work with! I have 6 of Jamie’s pieces and recently finished hanging them on the walls in my new apartment. They have transformed the space into a beautiful oasis. My pieces always come well wrapped and sealed and in a timely manner. My framed art arrived in beautiful frames with hardware already attached for hanging in the wall. Jamie and I are already discussing a new painting for another wall in my apartment. I highly recommend working with Jamie if you’re looking for a beautiful piece of abstract art. 

Cheryl N.

We discovered Jamie’s art on the internet and immediately fell in love with her work.  Her ability to mix colors and texture in a fresh and modern style was exactly what we wanted.  One DM and we were on our way to commissioning a very special piece of art.  Though we live in Atlanta, the distance was not a problem for Jamie.  She successfully incorporated our tastes for color and size into what is now the focal point of our home.

John and Colleen

Jamie’s art is a reflection of the divinity of nature. Her lush and vibrant use of color brings the depths of the ocean or the serenity of the woods in to your home. I truly find peace when I look at the stunning piece she created for me for my wedding gift. I believe the ocean inspires her soul, and it reflects in her use of texture and color that gives my dining room a tidal wave of blues that helps make up for the fact that I live far from the sea. 

Jamie’s art transcends a variety of tastes, and makes for excellent gifting as it would be rare for someone to not find beauty within it. It comes professionally wrapped, and can enhance a true spectrum of home and office decor styles. 


Jamie’s work struck in me a love for abstract art. The passion she has for what she does comes alive in everything she creates. Her love for the ocean and nature so clearly inspires her art in the most beautiful ways— it’s impossible not to find something to love in every piece!